02.09.17: Karpov not Kasparov (RO)

Kl. 20.00-23.30 | Facebook-event | Underskog-event

Karpov not Kasparov are one of Eastern Europe’s best musical exports. The duo began making music based on the rules and strategies of chess. It might seem complicated but the output is always a very danceable tune, sometimes with jazzy flavours, sometimes inspired by Oriental folklore (because chess is an Oriental game) but always mixed with powerful 80’s dance-floor sounds. Debut LP “Soundtrack for a Game of Chess” has been nominated ‘album of the month’ by Vice Magazine, declared ‘one of the most valuable releases of the year’ by Radio Romania Cultural and Radio Europa Libera and aired online on New York radio WFMU. In 2015 this LP was pressed on vinyl at the boutique label PolychromeSounds (Berlin). The Vocal Edits (2016) is the band’s most dance-floor-friendly album up to date. It was featured on Tsugi.fr magazine, declared Best Romanian Electronic Release of 2016 by Scena9.ro and stamped “probably the best Romanian album of its genre in the last 30 years” by the journalists of musical blog Muzici&Faze.

VIDEO: www.tsugi.fr/karpov-not-kasparov-duo-synthebatterie-roumain-se-met-a-la-pop-avec-kaissa/

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/karpovnotkasparov

SOUNDCLOUD: www.soundcloud.com/knotk

WEB: www.knotk.com