03.11.18: Sax Ruins (JP)

Kl. 20.00 | Facebook-event | Underskog-event

Yoshida Tatsuya (drums)
Ono Ryoko (alto sax with effects)

The most important drummer in Japanese avant-garde music scene, Yoshida Tatsuya, and the best saxophonist in the Japanese improv scene, Ono Ryoko, form a tag team called SAX RUINS.

As SAX RUINS they have released two albums, Yawiquo (Ipecac Recordings, 2009) and Brimmguass (Skin Graft, 2014). Their recordings are extremely complex with irregular beats, frequent excessive overdubbing, and restructured orchestration. The result sounds like a big band playing progressive jazz hard core.

SAX RUINS have done shows in Japan as well as Europe, Russia, Israel, and China, and performed at Rock In Opposition (R.I.O) 2008. For live performance of SAX RUINS they make hard core sounds like a huge band by full use of effects, also incorporating improvisation. Their shows unfold as a vehement drama.

SAX RUINS start their European tour with this show at Kafé Hærverk.