08.12.17: Slippfest: Humcrush (NO) – Enter Humcrush LP/CD (Shhpuma/Clean Feed)

Kl. 20.00-23.00 | Facebook-event | Underskog-event

Humcrush er Ståle Storløkken (Supersilent, Elephant9, Reflections in Cosmo) og Thomas Strønen (Food, Time Is A Blind Guide, Reflections in Cosmo). De feirer utgivelsen av sitt nye album “Enter Humcrush” med konsert på Kafé Hærverk. LP og CD vil selvsagt være til salgs.

“Ståle Storløkken og Thomas Strønen er to av våre beste og mest spennende jazzmusikanter. Her viser de oss det nok en gang i sitt laboratorium Humcrush.”
– Tor Hammerø, Tor de Jazz

“Never mind the organic sonic laboratories of Humcrush recordings past: this one’s allowed the infernal beast to escape, laying waste across the highlands, the moors, the inner city. Had Last Exit and Lifetime been able to abuse 21st century digitalia and repurposed analog technologies, they’d be splitting the bill as Humcrush’s brothers-in-arms; tracks such as “Puncture” and “Salvare” are like dying machines thrashing about, their pistons hissing amidst oil splatter and its widening, iridescent circles. Strønen’s drumming is indeed a force of nature, punching vast holes through the concrete of Storløkken’s overdriven pedal boards and sputtering electronics.”
– Darren Bergstein, The Squid’s Ear

“This is one of those albums that asserts and realizes much that heretofore was somewhat latent in avant-free jazz-rock. And it kicks it! Oh, it does!”
– Grego Applegate Edwards, Gapplegate Music Review