17.11.17: Hikashu (JP) + Makigami Koichi (JP) & Thomas Strønen (NO)

Kl. 20.00-23.30 | Kr 275,- | Kjøp billett | Facebook-event | Underskog-event

Led by extrovert/extreme pseudo-Kabuki vocalist and thereminist Makigami Koichi, Hikashu are known for their highly experimental approach which places spontaneity, improvisation and genuine weirdness at the centre of a kaleidoscopic whirlwind of timbral and stylistic blending.

Forming in 1978, Hikashu, along with the Yellow Magic Orchestra, were one of a number of Japanese bands creating a futuristic new sound in the ’70s. But where YMO looked for inspiration in the sweeping melodies of Kraftwerk, Hikashu was more partial to the zany escapades of psychedelic warriors like Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart.

After enjoying an unexpected popularity following the 1979 release of “At the End of the 20th Century”, Hikashu found themselves ill at ease with the restrictions imposed by popular music. Their desire for freedom and independence prompted the adoption of what they term a ‘self-sufficiency’ approach, which they have been delighting audiences the world over with ever since.

The name Hikashu holds no conventional meaning in Japanese…

Makigami Koichi – vocal, theremin, cornet, shakuhachi
Mita Freeman – guitar
Sakaide Masami – bass
Shimizu Kazuto – piano, synthesizer, bass-clarinet
Sato Masaharu – drums

Denne kvelden åpnes med et duosett av Makigami Koichi og Thomas Strønen på trommer og elektronikk. Sistnevnte kjenner vi godt fra Reflections in Cosmo (som spilte en glimrende konsert hos oss tidligere i år), Food, Humcrush, Time Is A Blind Guide og en rekke andre prosjekter.